the Fitness
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The Science of Strength Training
We’ve used science to perfect a total body workout that gets you maximum results in just 20 minutes, twice per week.
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Every workout is supervised by our trainers to help set your machines, ensure correct form, and cheer you on.
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Workout by Appointment
Choose a time that works for you - it's never crowded. And remember, it’s just 20 minutes.
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Medical Grade Nautilus Equipment
Our medical-grade, joint-safe machines work the entire muscle group through one single motion, providing a more effective workout in less time.
The Workout
Our workouts are built on the concept of strength training to the point of muscle failure. But it’s not nearly as dramatic as it sounds, we promise.
So failure is a good thing?
When your muscles reach complete fatigue (anaerobic muscle failure) within roughly 8 – 12 reps on each of our Nautilus machines, the body responds by wanting to preserve and rebuild your muscles, so it burns fat. This is how you maintain muscle and protect your metabolism while eating moderately reduced calories.
Quality not quantity
During the 72 hours between your two weekly workouts— remember, it’s only 20 minutes twice per week—your muscles have sufficient time to recover and rebuild. Research shows that more frequent strength training workouts yield no increase in results.
The fitness is only part of the Utopia equation.
But you don’t have to eat cardboard 'diet' food.