The secret to Utopia’s “sweet spot” of food and fitness is simple: Science.

How do we determine your ideal caloric intake for maximum results? We use a scientifically-proven equation to calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate or RMR. This is the number of calories you burn daily while at rest. Then, we set your daily calories moderately below that number. Additionally, we take into account 14 other factors:

  • Diet history and weight lost
  • Diet frequency
  • Specific diet impact (HCG, ketosis, etc)
  • Exercise history
  • Current exercise routines
  • Lean tissue 'memory'
  • Lean muscle fiber type
  • Patience
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Appetite
  • Goals
  • Compliance level
  • Gastric surgery
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Each of our meals maintains a scientifically calibrated ratio of protein-fat-carbohydrates for optimal nutrition that also keeps you satisfied.
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Essential Complex Carbs
Our meals contain essential complex carbohydrates, which are the body’s preferred source of fuel. Complex carbs provide the most efficient supply of slow-release energy, which eliminates “crashes” and the need to consume excess calories.
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What about Protein?
It’s important to note that protein and fat can also be converted into energy, but the body has to work much harder to process them into fuel. And by the way, we would never deprive you of sweets.

Think of your metabolism as a fire. In order to keep a fire burning, you have to continually “feed” it with logs. In the case of your metabolism, these “logs” are your meals. Utopia uses a model of three meals per day, plus two snacks to constantly feed your metabolism. We encourage you to eat when you feel “an edge of hunger,” which is an indication that your body is burning fat and it’s time to fuel up.

We don’t
do fads
While the latest diet craze may move the number you see on the scale, it actually does more harm than good.
Dieting alone burns muscle, not fat
When we restrict our calories too much, the body thinks we’re in starvation mode and responds by burning muscle and preserving fat for survival. The result: the number on the scale has indeed gone down, but only because you’ve lost muscle, which weighs a lot more than fat.
Less muscle = lower metabolism
The downside of losing muscle is that less muscle = a lower metabolism. A lower metabolism means you have to eat even fewer calories to avoid gaining weight.
1 lb. of muscle burns 35 – 50 calories/day
1 lb. of fat burns ~2 calories/day
Burn fat,
not muscle
The solution is to protect your metabolism by strength training to build muscle while moderately reducing your caloric intake.
the Water
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Burn More Calories
Your consumption of ice water goes in at 33˚F and comes back out at 98.6˚F. You had to burn calories to heat that water. That’s about as easy as it gets!
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Increase Metabolism
Even modest dehydration slows down fat metabolism as the body’s organs become less efficient. Our planet uses water for transportation and balance and so does our bodies.
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Rejuvenate your Body
Maintain muscle tone and have more energy. The natural, most effective body-cleanse. Nature’s greatest beauty secret for amazingly beautiful, clear, vibrant skin.
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Hunger Satisfaction
Often thirst is mistaken as hunger. Drinking adequate water you will feel fuller and be satiated from less food consumption promoting faster fat loss.

A lot of people attempt to lose weight by running, using an elliptical machine, or doing high-intensity interval training. All of those options are fantastic cardiovascular exercise, and they’re great for your heart. But they’re not so great for losing weight.

After spending hours working hard and “sweating it out,” you’ve burned a significant number of calories, but less than 50% of those calories you’ve burned are fat. And fat is exactly what you’re trying to lose.

You’ve also worked up quite an appetite, tempting you to eat larger portions.

Dieting alone and exercise alone are not the most effective or efficient ways to lose fat. Optimal fat loss requires the right food and the right fitness to be in perfect balance. We’ve cracked the code so you don’t have to.
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