Sally is a full-time mom AND a full-time professional

“I had lost my sense of self, and I was taking care of everyone else after becoming a mom. Utopia was my reset button. At Utopia, I got myself back, I got my body back, I got my energy back, and it helped me tackle everything I was facing every day as a new mom. You have so much more energy. It’s pretty addicting!

I lost so many inches all over my body and I was able to get back into old clothes no problem. It’s just so easy. I can workout 20 minutes twice a week, grab my food and go. It’s perfect for crazy-busy people like me.”

Leah is a busy mom who got back into jeans from High School

“I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I kept that I hadn’t worn since I was in high school, and this was after having a child.

I get better results working out 20 minutes a day than I did when I was doing triathlons. At Utopia, I learned that you didn’t have to work out for 3-5 hours a day to get great results. I also learned how to eat the right way. I love the food because I don’t have to worry about cooking. I ate food that I hadn’t eaten in years, and I still lost weight. It was amazing!”

Ray is a traveling executive with little time to spare

“I don’t have a tremendous amount of time to waste. I’ve been the CEO of a number of software companies. I probably traveled around the world at least once a month for ten years. That’s one of the things I like best about Utopia, it’s highly efficient. When you get up in age you start to worry about things you didn’t care about when you were younger. My blood pressure was a bit high, and I realized I had to get it under control. You have to want to change, but if you do both the workouts and the food you will absolutely get results. There is no chance you won’t. The science is there!”

Donna tried every diet out there until they all stopped working

“My mother didn’t believe in giving us sweets. She gave us a healthy lifestyle and that carried me a long way until I got married and I said, ‘Hey, I can eat all I want to’.

At 61, I’ve tried all the diets, but the weight just wouldn’t come off. I’m sad to say that it took me 61 years to learn that Utopia is what it’s all about. It’s eating healthy, portion control, exercising, and socializing. I can do it so quickly and feel like I’ve accomplished a lot.

It has made me feel so much better about myself. They spoil me and I love it!”

Candy traded junk food for Utopia food and got in the best shape of her life

“Health wise and food wise, I was a junk food addict. I was skinny all my life, but once I got up past 40 I found that the weight just didn’t go away.

Once I got to Utopia I learned a lot. My daughter was doing Utopia, and she was talking about the food. She said ‘Mom, you only have to go twice a week and you’re only up there for 20 minutes.’ I said ‘I can do that.’

I loved it absolutely! I was in the best shape of my life. Utopia makes me feel great!”